Welcome to Arrabida! – Portugal’s hidden paradise

Mostly locals know about  the national park of Arrabida as a it’s a bit difficult to reach,  but we did it! Even after a pinterest research no one has ever written about this place! It has been in my flatmate’s bucket list for a while and two weeks before we left we decided to be productive and make the best out of the last few weekends. So we went to Arrabida and we visited the most beautiful beach in Europe according to the “European Best Destinations“. We were almost stuck there (read below) but at least we ticked it off the bucket list!


In order to go to Arrabida, we had to take the bus to Setubal. So far it was fairly easy to do that. When we arrived to Setubal we visited the tourism point in order to ask for directions to the Praia de Galapinhos, the beach we decided to visit. Our options were to either pay 5 euros each and take the bus to the only beach it goes”Praia da Figueirinha”, and then walk for another 30 minutes in the “lovely” sun.  She also told us about the aqua taxis, technically a boat taxi (that would be cool but probably more expensive). I checked my lovely Uber, and it was priced at 12euros for a ride to the beach we wanted to go. I had to try a couple of times until uber finally detected a driver who was a bit far but at least came!


Praia de Galapinhos – a heaven on earth!

The beach of  Galapinhos was beautiful and I had It was my first time swimming in Portugal! It was a bit of a shock when I first went to the beach in Portugal. As I live in a Mediterranean island, the sea is quite warm here. I am not sure If the water was warmer in Arrabida or If I actually lowered my expectations. But it was sooo nice and refreshing to swim and relax at the beach. Time was flying until we realized we just missed the last bus. How fun! But there’s still uber,right? Apparently, uber is way off the map in Arrabida. Were we stuck in the middle of nowhere for the night? Whoops.



Some breathtaking views from the top

People were packing their stuff to go as the sun was going down. That’s when we realized that If we don’t ask anyone to take us to Setubal, we would be stuck there. A nice couple from Brazil offered to take us back to Setubal. They seemed really friendly and they definitely saved the day! Since the road is only one way during the summer months, we had to go from the other way around until we make an entire circle and return to the city. During the car ride we had seen some really breathtaking views from the landscape!




Back to Setubal

If you google ” Things to do in Setubal” the first 5 things take you to Arrabida . So I am quite not sure If Setubal is worth visiting, but it’s more like a stepping stone before arriving in Arrabida. The main square makes a lovely stroll as it’s a vibrant city full of colors. We only stayed in Setubal to get  some food ( because there is no restaurant close to the beach) and then we went back to home, Lisbon.


Troia Peninsula – Portugal’s best kept secret

If you are looking for something beyond Arrabida, consider visiting Troia Peninsula. It’s a beautiful resort, with never ending white sandy beaches and not as crowded as any other beaches. Locals avoid going there since the ferry costs 6.50euros per person (Return ticket) and It would make an expensive daytrip for a family. I haven’t been there, but I have heard it’s amazing and it seemed beautiful from a distance! I looks like a luxurious place with fancy resorts and casinos, but you should at least visit it once, right?



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