Visiting Blue Lagoon in Cyprus

The first time I have visited the Blue Lagoon Cyprus by boat trip was back in August when we were touring a family friend from Poland. I have always thought that the boat trips in Cyprus were meant to be used only by “tourists” so It was a big no. Eventually, I was keep hearing from other friends and family members that Blue Lagoon is one of the most beautiful places in Cyprus. More curious than ever, I got a referral from a friend about a boat trip, packed our swimsuits and headed to this undiscovered little heaven in Cyprus.

Turns out Blue Lagoon in Cyprus is pretty spectacular and you can turn it into a nice afternoon of swimming, eating cypriot barbecue and admiring the unspoiled beauty spot whist enjoying unparalleled sea views.

Why visit the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon in Cyprus is a sheltered bay where the water tends to be warmer, could get up to 30 degrees and the sandy bottom gives the sea that magical turquoise color. It´s also a really good spot for snorkeling where you can see a variety of fish or swim in this transparent water.

infinity pool cyprus

When to go

Most tour agencies offer boat trips from April to October when the weather is warm and you can make the best of your experience. Usually the boats leave around 10am and 2pm so it’s totally up to you what time to go. During the months of July and August some companies offer an extra trip durig the sunset hours which sounds pretty cool! (but as I took the boat trip in September I was a bit late for this).

Blue Lagoon Cyprus

How to get to Blue Lagoon Cyprus

If you decide to visit Blue Lagoon you will soon realize that it is not easily accessible. These are the most feasible ways to visit the Blue Lagoon:

Arrive to Latch Harbor and take a boat trip:  This is the most convenient way to visit Blue Lagoon in Cyprus especially If you don’t

Jeep Safari: For the most adventurous many tour agencies in Paphos offer organized jeep saffari excursions in the Akamas area  where they take you to the coolest spots in the area and stop at the crystal clear waters of Blue Lagoon.

Renting a  four wheeler or a buggy car:  Only recommended If you are confident in your abilities to drive in unobtrusive alleys.

Getting to Latchi

If you decided to take the boat trip to Blue Lagoon you have to find your way to Latchi. The following buses go to Latchi: 618 Paphos Harbour to Karavella, 645 Karavella to Polis , 622 Polis to Latchi,  648 Coral Bay to Polis or 622 Polis to Latchi.

Otherwise, you can simply visit Latchi by renting a car which I highly recommend If you consider visiting Cyprus since public transportation is quite bad.

Which company to use

I chose Alkion Cruises since it was the cheapest( 15 euro) and included free wine,juices and fruit and it’s the most popular among the locals. Although, you can simply show up at Latchi Harbor and choose last moment  the one that peaks your interest the most.

What you are going to see during the boat trip

The boat trip to Blue Lagoon was quite interesting as we stopped by the Baths of Aphrodite (P.S did you know that Aphridite, the Goddess of love was born in Cyprus?) , the sea caves at Manolis bay, Fontana Amoroza, Blaji bay and ended up at the Blue Lagoon for swimming.

sea caves paphos


Where to stay in Paphos

Because many people ask me frequently, I have created a blog post with my favorite hotels in all Cyprus depending on your budget. Paphos is one of the best destinations in Cyprus as it is moderately cheap with fabulous beaches, rich history and nightlife.

Sunset in paphos on our way home

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Blue Lagoon Cyprus