I am traveling to Portugal for free- and you can do it too!

What If I told you that I am soon traveling to Portugal for the third time in a year for free? The bad news? I have 2 lay overs, one in Athens and one in Madrid before arriving to Lisbon. The good news? It’s for free! No joke!

The good thing about being in European Union are the mobility programs that come with it.  Firstly, I did my erasmus + Study in Barcelona. Then this summer, I did my Erasmus internship in Lisbon. And later this month, I am traveling to Portugal for free! Did you know that there is another type of Erasmus which usually lasts for a week or more and it is called “Erasmus+: Youth in Action”.

According to Salto , ” Erasmus+: Youth in Action refers to the activities within the Erasmus+ Programme exclusively related to the field of youth and non-formal learning.” It is also open for partner countries neighboring the European Union. There are hundreds of projects during the year so choose the one that suits you the most.

What is included in the project?

If you are selected, travel, food and accommodation is fully provided to you for free! Also, many times there are tours included and dinners in the city.

Why participate?

First of all, each project has a different objective. You can develop some new skills and definitely gain knowledge from it.  Secondly and most importantly you get to meet people from all over the world. For me, this is the greatest knowledge one can gain. It’s really important these days to develop your social skills and there is no greater way than meeting people from every country. Sometimes these friendships last for a lifetime too! And lastly, you travel to a new country for free!

How do you get selected?

During the application process, there are some questions that you have to respond online. They want to know the motivation behind your application. Also, it is very important If you are interested into youth activities or have done something in the past. Each project has different requirements so you might not be able to join all projects. Also, each project has a list with countries that can participate.


Olá Agueda!

It’s my first time to be participating in such a project and I will write all about it when it is over. I am going to Agueda, which is a city I never heard of before, 75km from Porto. Really excited and I will do a little bit of traveling hopefully in the north of the Portugal that I have failed to visit this summer! It will only take me three flights in one day and then I need to catch the bus to Agueda. That’s the real price I have to pay, but definitely well-worth it!

Have you ever participated in a project ran by Salto or do you have any similar experiences?

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