Seville City Break

Who’d knew I would go back to Spain after just a year and visit one of the cities that were at the top of my bucket list? You probably associated Seville with the popular  Plaza de España, but it’s also the home of Flamenco and a Game of Thrones filming location! And it’s also the capital of the Andalusia region, really well located.

Getting Around

I went to Seville by blablacar  from Lisbon, a trusted car pooling that connects you with drivers that go to other cities and have empty seats. It only costed 28 euros, much cheaper than flights and buses. Also, it was only four hours away but If you took the bus It would be approximately eight.

Once in Seville, getting around is fairly easy as the city is small and well connected. There is public transportation but during our stay we only walked. Because what is better than walking in 40 degrees ? No seriously, it was really hot. I wouldn’t probably visit Seville during the summer, it’s really really hot! But as I said it’s a really compact city, and walking is the best way to go.  Although, the narrow streets in the center are a bit complicated but they definitely make a good stroll!


My Favorite Things to do in Seville


The Real Alcazar – Game of Thrones Filming location


If you are visiting Seville, don’t miss out on visiting the beautiful landmark in Seville. It’s soo big that there is actually a free map to use when you enter. It takes a lot of time to discover the palace and its beautiful gardens. The Moorish palace, was used for the filming of Game Of Thrones  and once you visit it, you will understand why it makes such a great filming location! If you like tiles, this place won’t let you down as there is too much detail in the work. Also, the gardens are truly enchanting with some beautiful peacocks wandering around.


Address: Patio de Banderas, s/n, 41004 Sevilla, Spain

Time: 9:30AM–5PM

Price: 9.50 € for adults, 2€ for pensioners and students, free for under 16, disabled and Seville’s residences




Metropol Parasol – Best Sunset Views


For those who are chasing the perfect sunset, Metropol Parasol gives you the best views.  It claims to be the largest wooden structure in the world. The structure was completed after 6 years, in 2011 and is located in the center of Seville just like the most landmarks. If you decide to go on top, the views won’t let you down and you will also see the fanciest elevator I have ever seen in my life!  The ticket costs two euros and it includes a coupon to get a drink on the rooftop bar. Can it get any better?



Torre del Oro

Torre del Oro used to be a military watchtower and one of the most famous monuments of Seville that dates back to the twelfth century. Apart from being a watchtower, it also used to be a city prison for a while! You will only spend a few minutes there, discovering the history of the place indoors and observing the magnificent city views from the top.

Address: Paseo de Cristóbal Colón, s/n, 41001 Sevilla, Spain

Time: Open today · 9:30AM–6:45PM

Price: €3 adults, €1.50 students/pensioners


Plaza de España


Typical, yet an essential part of your visit in Seville – lots of bright colors, bold geometric shapes, spectacular architecture. The painted tiles cover everything, from the balconies to the bridges and make a good photography spot.  Even If there is nothing to do here rather than rowing a boat, you can take your time to relax and enjoy the beauty of this place just like we did! Special appreciation for the splashing fountain that was the only thing that kept us from melting in the summer heat.



Parque de Maria Luisa

Just before the Plaza de España, you will see a really beautiful garden. If you are a nature enthusiast, you can take a break from sight seeing and relax in the huge park the city has to offer. We only stayed for a short break in a small part of the park, but as you explore there is much more to see.



Exploring Barrio Santa Cruz- the bohemian neighborhood


Even If it was in our plans to visit this neighborhood, we bumped into it accidentally while discovering the city and its secret corners! It’s probably the best neighborhood for aimless wandering. It used to be Seville’s jewish quarter and is a wonderful network of narrow streets and picturesque buildings. The streets are so narrow and disorientating, the houses old and almost seem to touch and for a second it reminded me of Barcelona’s hidden alleys.




A proper trip to Spain, includes eating tapas and real sangria. When I say real sangria, I mean not the “Don Simon” kind of sangria. Those who have been to Spain, probably understand what I am saying. To be honest, I probably had better sangrias in Lisbon than the ones I tried in Seville. There must be some good places for sangria, I just haven’t found them yet! About tapas, we had some good and cheap ones in Bodega Santa Cruz.


The Cathedral


The Seville cathedral is the largest gothic cathedral in the world and is located in the centre of Seville.  It has great views of the city but I strongly advise to go there early to avoid the big crowds and queues.

Address: Av. de la Constitución, s/n, 41004 Sevilla, Spain

Time: 8AM–2PM4–7PM

Price: General Entrance €9, Students & Pensioners €4


Drink by a rooftop bar

Well, not just in Seville but I actually love rooftop bars especially during the sunset hour. The photo above was taken from Sevilla Centre Hotel  a really nice hotel located not very far from Maria Luisa Park. Generally, in Seville the best rooftop bars are located at the hotels.


Things I missed out on



I have to admit, one of my greatest regrets when visiting Seville is missing out on the flamenco shows. Seville is the most popular city in Spain for flamenco, and the scene is fabulous.


See a bullfight

Even If I have been to Spain for a good period of time the last two years, I have never watched a bullfight. I am not sure If it is something I would really like to do, but I guess it is one of the ultimate things you have to do in Spain. Also, when we visited the bull ring, there wasn’t any show until two months later.


Advices & Helpful Info

  • Seville is beautiful but please consider before visiting in August as it is really hot!
  • Check out blablacar  If you are traveling from Spain or Portugal! It is as cheap as 25euros from Lisbon!
  • Comfortable accommodation at Sevilla Center. Great views and stunning rooftop pool
  • Bodega Santa Cruz Las Columnas  – Cheap,tasty tapas in the city center
  • Alfalfa Bar – corner bar in a historic neighborhood which is usually really crowded by locals and not


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