Obidos- The time I accidentally stepped into a medieval town

There’s a small town not very far from Lisbon that takes you back to the Medieval Ages. It’s called Obidos and you should definitely put it in your bucket list when visiting Lisbon!

I would probably never find out about this hidden gem. I was staying at a friend’s home in Caldas da Reinha ( a very cute city by the way) when her mom with her broken English asked me to follow her to the city she works. Unaware of where we are going, as a happy guest I gladly  said “Sim- vamos! “. I was not really expecting anything to be honest, just probably a typical city. I was wrong!

Obidos- A beautiful hidden gem

As I arrived to this walled city, I witnessed the enchanting beauty of this medieval place. It literally looked like a photo taken from a fairy tale. Perhaps it helped a bit the fact that I went during the Medieval Festival when everyone was dressed as kings and queens. But I guess the buildings reWalking through the cobblestone alleys of Obidos has turned out to be an experience that exceeded any expectations!  Obidos makes an easy day trip from Lisbon as it takes only a few hours to explore every little corner.




Dating back to the 13th century, Obidos has a really rich history. It’s also known as the “Town of Queens” because of the tradition in which kings used to offer it to their wives as a marriage gift. It is possible to walk across the entire perimeter of the walls and admire the scenic views from the top. During the year, the municipality of Obidos hosts various events such as the Medieval Fair, the Chocolate festival and the Christmas Market.  You should take a look on their website to check out what is happening there!


Good news for the book worms!

This place is heaven to you, I promise! There is a really cool old bookstore with some second hand books in many different languages. You can definitely spot a good pick with a good search. There’s also an even greater bookstore bult inside a 13th century church. It’s called Livraria de Santiago and you can find some of the best sellers and new releases. Books could also be found in english here!

livraria santiago


Local delicacies

While in Obidos, don’t miss on the opportunty to try the local products. Ginja de Obidos is a cherry liquor produced in the local region and it is served in chocolate cups – it’s delicious! They also have good regional wines and perhaps some things you could take back home. Pastelaria d’Avó de Adélia located inside the walled city provides a great selection of Portuguese pastries that can satisfy your sweet tooth.


How to get there?

You can easily get there If you have a car and it is very easy to find a parking! But If you don’t have a car don’t worry as you can  always take the Rapida Verde bus line from Campo Grande. It only takes 1 hour to arrive to Obidos and is only 84km far.



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