Stef’s Journey – 2017 Year in Review

It is almost 2018! Last year, I was terrified after my Erasmus in Barcelona life would never be the same. Traveling is not always easy If you live in such a small country/island such as Cyprus. I can say that 2017 has been another year of experiences, meeting new people and lots of traveling. Here’s 2017 year in review !


January 2017- Eurotrip to Lisbon, Porto, Brussels & Gdansk


Started the year with a ten days long trip to Europe. Experienced the sunny Portugal and fell in love with Lisbon. Had some tasty waffles in Brussels in a very rainy weather and had the snow of my life in Poland! It was kinda hectic adding so many layers every time we were changing a country!

Want to read more about the January trip? Check this out! 



June 2017 – Trip To Krakow

I haven’t had the chance to write about Krakow yet – but hope to do so very soon! But Krakow was the perfect city getaway! Spent about five days in this charming city of Poland. Had some really delicious pierogis, visited the penguins at the zoo and had a terrible hair twist that taught me to never trust a hair salon I don’t know! Overall, it was a very fun and relaxed trip!


A layover in Vienna

On my way to Portugal, I had to stop to Vienna for approximately 10 hours. Since I have a Viennese friend, I had the opportunity to do kinda like a daytrip in Vienna and see the major sights like the Cathedral, Prater Park , a cool library at the University of Vienna and my favorite Hundertwasser House. It’s incredible how many things you can see in a day – especially If the best local guide is with you! (Thank you Marlies!)

July- September 2017 – Internship in Lisbon

And here comes the most interesting part of the year, my internship in Lisbon! It kinda reminded me of my time in Barcelona when I was doing my Erasmus but as a more grown up – Stefanie I’d say! First time in my life having flatmates – living with 8 people was definitely not as bad as I would ever imagine. In fact, we all became a big family. Every weekend I made sure to visit a new city in Portugal.  If you are looking to get away from the busy city of Lisbon, check out this blog post for day trips ideas or If you are looking for the best places to visit in Lisbon.


August 2017 – Trip to Seville

When life gives you a few days off work, your run away! And that’s how I made it to Seville this year. Went by a blablacar that took approximately 4-5 hours and came to a really good conclusion that one should never visit Andalusia in summer especially August! Despite the 40 degrees, Seville is an extremely beautiful city that deserves to be visited!

November 2017 – Youth Exchange in Agueda & Porto and Lisbon

When semester gets hectic, you are suddenly interested to “enrich your CV” and travel abroad for a project! I am only kidding , but seriously it was such an informative project where I learned a lot about Social Entrepreneurship. Well, Agueda definitely wasn’t the highlight of my trips this year as It’s a very quiet city and last train leaves at 8pm! But had a very nice weekend in Lisbon and Porto!




Final Thoughts 2017

That was 2017 year in review ! During 2017 I wasn’t really concerned about ticking countries off as I have revisited many of them as you have noticed. Met some people from all over the world that I hope to see again in the future. I learned how to be more adjustable and how to appreciate the little happy moments – like reuniting with a friend after a while, enjoying a glass of wine by the balcony o



2018 Plans


I only have some plans for Europe in January but I am also thinking about taking advantage of my time during Easter for a quick-or not so quick trip in Europe.

January 2018

  •     Romania( Brasov, Cluj-Napoca)
  •     Hungary (Budapest)
  •     Austria (Vienna)

But the highlight for 2018 would be the Thailand trip as I have always been dreaming about that country!  Quite not sure where life will lead me after my Graduation in June but having some countries in mind.


That was my 2017 year in review. I don’t have any new year- new me kind resolutions as every day we should strive to be a better person. But wishing you all to have a very Happy New Year 2018!







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