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As an intern in a Travel Startup in Lisbon, I created their company blog. I was lucky enough to spend my “working time” trying the most delicious sweets ,visiting cool bars and even doing wine testing.  I also spent hours and hours reading about any cool places in Lisbon. After my experience, I gathered a list with my favorite places! Some are popular and some are only known among the locals. I present you my Lisbon favorites:


Illegal Observatory


Are you a photography enthousiast or do you simply enjoy great views? If you don’t mind going the extra mile for something great, then I highly recommend visiting the Illegal Observatory. Originally, it used to be a restaurant that turned into a club and then it went into bankruptcy! Right now, it is mostly visited by adventurous and curious travelers that want to explore Lisbon’s secrets!

If you want to know how to get there, read this blog post!


Illegal Chinese Restaurant


Hands down, it was the best Chinese I have ever eaten in my life! Located in the quirky streets of Martim Moniz, there are some really unique Chinese restaurants offering the most alternative experience. First of all you get in, and some Chinese people that only speak Chinese greet you. Not sure If they speak any other languages but didn’t seem like it. The “restaurant” is more likely an old flat that is filled with dinner tables. You get to sit, they give you a random menu with numbers and names of food you have never heard of. If you are really adventurous, you might try one of the random named dishes and pray it is good. Otherwise, you can easily go for the “sweet and sour” which is the safest choice! The quantities are big and the prices are really cheap!

Address: Rua do benformoso 59, close to martim Moniz. It’s on the 2nd floor

Cereal Pop café- Your childhood dream became true!


What If I told you that there is a specialized cereal café somewhere along the streets of Bairro Alto? If you are a strong believer that breakfast shoulder never be boring, that’s the place for you! There are hundreds of cereals in this café and endless options of combinations. There are some already pre-made menus but you can also try mixing your own!

Address:  Rua do Norte, 64 (Bairro Alto),

Casa Independente

Perhaps the most artistic palaca-bar in Lisbon. Located close Intendente’s Metro in the square with the bars. It looks like a big vintage palace with an exceptionally good decoration and a bohemian vibe. There is an outdoor garden where you can enjoy your drink and even rooms to study during the day. You will be really surprised by the interior and fall in love with the concept. Also, sometimes this place becomes a club at night and there is even a room for partying! Check out their facebook for any upcoming events.

Address: Largo do Intendente Pina Manique 45, 1100-088

Park Bar


Probably the most popular rooftop bar, but I will include it in the list because it deserves to be mentioned! With no doubt, it is my favorite bar in Lisbon. It’s on the top of a 4th floor parking building and you can see the entire city from up there. I highly recommend it for a sunset drink even though quite disappointed to mention that the front building covers the sun during the sunset hour. I love that bar because you can have your space and enjoy a good conversation but at the same time there is music which is not mainstream! There is even a dance floor in front of the dj booth.

Address: Calçada do Combro, 60; 1200-115

Topo Rooftop Bar


topo rooftop

Another popular rooftop bar so avoid visiting it during the weekend as it is really packed! It’s actually one of the coolest spots to enjoy some great views and at the same time listen to good music! I have been there three times so far and to be honest the first two times I was disappointed by how packed and small it was. On my third time that was also my last night in Lisbon, it was reallyy good! The music was really decent, we were actually dancing and the environment was really cool. Therefore, I would only recommend it during the week.

Address: Commercial Center Martim Moniz, Praca Martim Moniz, 1100-341

Most delicious cupcakes I have ever eaten in my life


If you are new to Portugal, then you might still go for a classic pastel de nata. I am not teasing you but there is a great cupcake shop that serves the best cupcakes I have had!The two sisters that created this little gem, gave up their careers in law and psychology to pursue what they really love- and it worked!  According to them,what makes their cupcakes so special is the fact that they make them only with fresh ingredients every day! So If you want to taste the cupcake heaven, visit Tease.

Address: Rua Nova da Piedade, 15, Praça das Flores Príncipe Real 1200-286

Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte


Locals know about it but this is the most underrated miradouro in Lisbon! It is the highest so you can get the greatest views from the top. You can finally capture the great panoramic photo of Lisbon that includes everything – the castle, the river and even the other miradouros! If you want to make the best of the moment, visit during sunset hours and bring a beer with you too.

LX Factory : The hipster capital of Lisbon


It looks like a tiny hipster city which pretty much includes everything – restauants, libraries , galleries, thrift shops and even more! Nowadays it is very popular for tourists too but you should definitely  go for a visit. There is also one of the top 10 most beautiful bookstores in the world inside, ” Livraria Ler Devagar” so you you might pay it a visit If you are a book worm.

Address: R. Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300 – 501

Feira da Ladra Flea Market



Feira da ladra is located in the Alfama District. It’s said to be the oldest flea market in Lisbon and definitely the biggest! There are thousands and thousands of products you can find there.  If you are in the search of something special and unique or If you collect stuff, consider visiting it. Even If you don’t like shopping these kind of things, you can still enjoy a good stroll around this district!

When: Tuesday & Saturday 6am-5pm

Address: Campo de Santa Clara, Alfama (you can use Tram 28)

Sunrise at Miradouro das portas do sol


It’s not always an easy task to wake up earlier than 6, but If you are staying in Lisbon you have to do it at least once! Lisbon during sunrise hours is truly beautiful. Especially the Miradouro das portas do sol in iconic Alfama. The colors are bright and vibrant and at the background you can listen to bird’s call in the background!

Address:  Largo Portas do Sol, 1100-411

Tourists go for Pasteis de Belem, locals go for Manteigaria



Pasteis de Belem are the most popular egg tarts in Lisbon. They have a rich history and the queue to get one is huge! But If you ask any local, they will tell you that they prefer Manteigaria’s pastel de nata. I have tried both of them and I believe they are both equally good. The good thing about Manteigaria is it’s much more convenient to eat a pastel since they have two shops in more central areas!

Address: Rua do Loreto, nº 2 – Freguesia: Encarnação – Chiado

& there’s one more in Time Out Food Market

By the Wine


If you are a wine enthousiast, I would recommend “By the Wine” Bar. It has one of the biggest wine menus in the city with hundreds of options. So If you are up for some wine testing, you should definitely go! The interior is really captivating and offers the traditional atmosphere of wine cellar. The people working there have a good knowledge about wine and could help you choose. They also have food, but If you are not willing to spend over 20+ euros, I do not recommend it ! Don’t forget to try espumante, the Portuguese sparkling wine.

Address: 1200 014, Rua das Flores 41

Lost In- Bohemian Rooftop Terrace Bar


If you are looking for a really chilled and relaxing place to have a drink while enjoying the panoramic views of Lisbon, I recommend Lost In. It’s located in the heart of Lisbon, really close to Bairro Alto. Get “lost in” an environment of tranquility and inhale the positive atmosphere this place offers. Love the bohemian vibe of this place and you should not miss out on it!

Address: Rua D.Pedro V Nº56-D, 1250-094 Lisboa, Portugal


Update November 2017:


Chimera Brewpub

It looks like a a cave, perhaps the most alternative brewpub I have ever been in Lisbon! It is mostly known among the locals since it is not located in the touristic streets most people know about. They have their own homemade beers and a big variety of wines. Also, they have events and live music during the week, so check out their website !


Address: Rua Prior do Crato 6, Lisboa, 1350-261 Lisboa, Portugal


How many of them have you visited so far? What are your Lisbon favorites? Feel free to comment below!


Sherpa Mo Mo – One of the greatest cheap eats

If you are traveling on a budget in Lisbon and you like Asian Cuisine you should definitely go to Sherpa Mo Mo. I had one of the greatest curry of my life for only 5 euros ( including rice!). It’s really close to Martim Moniz. Thank me later!

Address: Calçada Santana 11, 1150-052 Lisboa, Portugal


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