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  • Memoirs from Morocco – a unique experience

      Even If it’s been almost two years since I flew from Spain to Morocco, it left me with lasting sense of awe and changed my perspective about how I see the world. It’s one thing to see a country in photos and documentaries and something completely different to experience a country with your own […]

  • Lisbon Bucketlist : 50 things to do in Lisbon

    The capital of Portugal, Lisbon,  boasts a warm Mediterranean weather and has endless coastlines of sandy beaches. When you’re thinking about Lisbon, you are probably thinking about the beach, seafood, azulejos and dreamy sunsets. But in fact, there is a lot more to see and do in Lisbon than the typical stuff that comes to […]

  • Vienna City Break Guide: Highlights and local tips

    I am not sure what excites me the most about Vienna; Is it the baroque architecture, the cute coffee shops or the incredible art scene ? The sophisticated capital of Austria won’t let you down.  I was lucky enough to have a really good local friend ( Hello Marlies! ) who has been really generous […]

  • The ultimate insider’s guide to Lisbon

    If anyone ever asks me what is my favorite place in the world, it is Lisbon. It is always Lisbon.  Lisbon is a city that captivates you in every sense of the world. The texture sensation as you bite into your first pastel de nata, the sounds of street buskers as you walk through Chiado, […]

  • Exploring Transylvania: The haunted forest of Hoia Baciu

    While we were browsing for “things to do in Cluj-Napoca” we came across Hoia Baciu forest- the haunted forest of Transylvania!  It has been declared as one of the scariest forests of the world on many websites and many people who have visited have witnessed some bizarre paranormal activity and some unexplained events. They say […]

  • Visiting Bran’s Castle in Transylvania

    The very first thing that came up to my mind when visiting Transylvania  was of course the mysterious Castle of Dracula. It was something that I couldn’t miss out on since I have read plenty of stories about it and it has intrigued my interest. Bran Castle as they say it, is located at the […]

  • Stef’s Journey – 2017 Year in Review

    It is almost 2018! Last year, I was terrified after my Erasmus in Barcelona life would never be the same. Traveling is not always easy If you live in such a small country/island such as Cyprus. I can say that 2017 has been another year of experiences, meeting new people and lots of traveling. Here’s […]

  • Traveling to Budapest and Vienna with only 121 euros!

    From a small research I conducted on booking, it costs approximately 300-400 euros for an accommodation at a mid-range hotel in Cyprus. With less than 150 euros, I organized a trip to Budapest and Vienna that includes all the transportation costs and accommodation. It might seem impossible but it is really possible for someone to […]

  • 10 reasons why visiting Cyprus in winter is a good idea

    Visiting Cyprus in Winter Spending the summer in Cyprus is an perfect idea; beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters, glorious sunshine and great nightlife. But don’t be too quick to dismiss it as your winter holiday destination. As I am writing this post in November the highest temperature today was 26 degrees and […]

  • Eurotrip – 10 days, 7 planes and 3 countries

    What If I told you I have experienced spring,autumn and winter in just 10 days while traveling in Europe? Last January, I had planned a Eurotrip with three more friends as an attempt to run away from Cyprus for a few days. It was a spontaneous decision just like most of the trips  and we […]

  • Saudade Lisboa – 24 hours in Lisbon

     What would you do If you had 24 hours in your favorite city in the world? Is it a gift or is it a curse?  You arrive there, and everything remains as the last time you have been there. The streets are crowded by curious tourists that want to discover every part of this beautiful […]

  • Seville City Break

    Who’d knew I would go back to Spain after just a year and visit one of the cities that were at the top of my bucket list? You probably associated Seville with the popular  Plaza de España, but it’s also the home of Flamenco and a Game of Thrones filming location! And it’s also the […]

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