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  • 10 reasons why visiting Cyprus in winter is a good idea

    Visiting Cyprus in Winter Spending the summer in Cyprus is an perfect idea; beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters, glorious sunshine and great nightlife. But don’t be too quick to dismiss it as your winter holiday destination. As I am writing this post in November the highest temperature today was 26 degrees and […]

  • Saudade Lisboa – 24 hours in Lisbon

     What would you do If you had 24 hours in your favorite city in the world? Is it a gift or is it a curse?  You arrive there, and everything remains as the last time you have been there. The streets are crowded by curious tourists that want to discover every part of this beautiful […]

  • Seville City Break

    Who’d knew I would go back to Spain after just a year and visit one of the cities that were at the top of my bucket list? You probably associated Seville with the popular  Plaza de España, but it’s also the home of Flamenco and a Game of Thrones filming location! And it’s also the […]