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  • Adonis Baths

    Adonis Baths Waterfalls – A tourist trap?

    This is a story of how a local Cypriot fell into the biggest tourist trap on the island and a warning for any unsuspecting “tourists” visiting Cyprus. Guilty me, I didn’t know much about this place before visiting. After a family friend visited us from Poland, she wanted to visit Paphos for a day trip. […]

  • Visiting Blue Lagoon in Cyprus

    The first time I have visited the Blue Lagoon Cyprus by boat trip was back in August when we were touring a family friend from Poland. I have always thought that the boat trips in Cyprus were meant to be used only by “tourists” so It was a big no. Eventually, I was keep hearing […]

  • 10 reasons why visiting Cyprus in winter is a good idea

    Visiting Cyprus in Winter Spending the summer in Cyprus is an perfect idea; beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters, glorious sunshine and great nightlife. But don’t be too quick to dismiss it as your winter holiday destination. As I am writing this post in November the highest temperature today was 26 degrees and […]